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 Ithaka Reservations



Soupa Imeras 6.50
Soup of the day
Kotosoupa Avgolemono 7.00
Chicken egg lemon soup with vegetables and rice



Horiatiki (Country)    Small        10.00           Large


  Romaine lettuce, feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, extra virgin olive oil  

with grilled chicken add 7.00 extra



Ithaka's Salad     Small         10.00                Large

  Arugula, watercress, endives, avocado and Kalamata olives with Ithaka dressing
  Maroulosalata 9.50
  Thinly chopped romaine lettuce, scallions and dill with extra virgin olive oil

Feta Cheese        7.50               with Tomato Salad    

Greek feta  with vine ripe tomatoes olives & oregano
  Salata apo Thalassina 24.00
  Salad from the sea with shrimp, scallops, crabmeat and avocado  
Cold Appetizers
  Tzatziki     7.00      
  Yogurt, cucumber, dill spread  
  Melitzanosalata 7.00  
  Smoked eggplant puree  
  Taramosalata  7.00  
  Carp roe caviar, potato, almond puree  
  Fava 7.00  
  Yellow pea puree served with olive oil and chopped onions  
  Tirokafteri 9.00
   Spicy spread of feta cheese, olive oil & red peppers  
  Skordalia 6.00  
  Potato, garlic, almond puree  
Pikilia  (Dips) 14.00

   Choice from 3 of the above

Dolmadakia 8.00
Home made grape leaves stuffed with rice and fine herbs
Hot Appetizers
Melitzana Santorini 9.00
  Stuffed baby eggplant with freshly sautéed vegetables and herbs  
Oktapodi Scharas 16.00
Marinated  grilled octopus with Greek seasoning
Kalamarakia 10.50
Baby squid pan-fried
Garides Saganaki 16.00
Seared and baked butterfly shrimp with feta, herbs and tomato
Bakaliaro Scordalia 13.00
Crispy pan-fried salted codfish served with garlic spread
Loukaniko Sparta 9.00
Grilled Greek sausage with orange zest, fresh herbs and spices
Glikadakia 12.00
Sweetbread sautéed in white wine sauce
  Media Krasata 13.00
  Mussel's sautéed in white wine sauce  
Garides Psites 16.00
Grilled shrimp with lemon and extra virgin olive oil
Keftedakia 10.00
Seasoned meatballs, lightly broiled
Ortykia 10.50
Quail, marinated in red wine and herbs, grilled and served on a bed of arugula
                                Saganaki               11.00               flambé 12.00
Kefalograviera cheese lightly fried with butter and lemon or flambé
Tiganites Piperyes 9.00
Green peppers stuffed with three kinds of cheese and drizzled with olive oil and lemon
Kolokythakia 8.00
Pan-fried zucchini with garlic spread
Spanakotiropita 7.50
Homemade spinach pie with feta cheese and dill
  Gigantes Fournou 9.00
  Giant Lima beans baked with tomatoes and scallions  
Soutzoukakia 10.00
Meatballs simmered in fresh tomato and herb sauce
Mousaka 20.00
Layers of eggplant, potatoes, chopped lamb and beef, topped with béchamel sauce
Pasticio 19.00
Pasta layers with chopped lamb and beef meat, topped with béchamel sauce
Kapamas 23.00
Boneless lamb simmered in fresh tomato sauce
Arni Youvetsi 26.00
Baby lamb baked in a clay pot with orzo pasta, fresh tomato sauce and feta cheese
Please allow 25 minutes
  Lago Stifado 24.00
  Rabbit stew with pearl onions & red wine sauce  
Arni Souvlaki 24.00

Grilled marinated cubes of tender lamb skewered with tomatoes, green peppers & onions

  Kotopoulo Souvlaki 19.00
  Grilled marinated cubes of chicken skewered with tomatoes, green peppers & onions  
Paiadakia Arnisa 35.00
Charcoal grilled lamb chops with Greek seasoning 

Brizola Moscharisa

Rib steak, charcoal grilled 
Kota sta Karvouna 22.00
Grilled whole boneless chicken with oregano
  Chef's Vegetarian Plate 19.00
All main dishes are choice served with vegetables of the day
From the Sea
Psari tis imeras

Market $

Selection of fresh fish of the day
  Kakavia 26.00
  Rich fish broth with root vegetables, shrimp, scallops and sea bass  
Daily Seafood pasta 26.00
  Shrimp, sea scallops in a fresh tomato sauce  
Garides Grecolimano 24.00
Jumbo shrimp, individually baked in a clay pot with fresh tomato, garlic, a splash of Ouzo and topped with melted cheese
  Garides sta Karvouna 24.00
Char-grilled, marinated shrimp with lemon and extra virgin olive oil
Thalassino Youvetsi 28.00
Shrimp, scallops, calamari & mussels baked in clay pot with orzo pasta, fresh tomato sauce and feta cheese
Please allow 25 minutes
Souvlaki apo Thalassina 24.00
Broiled shrimp and scallops with tomato, green peppers and onions
Solomos Scharas 23.00
Charbroiled Salmon steak
Kalamari Scharas 22.00
Marinated whole calamari, charbroiled with lemon and olive oil
Psari Plaki 23.00
Daily fish baked with feta cheese, fresh tomato sauce, fresh herbs, onions and garlic
Horta 7.00
Steamed wild greens in lemon and extra virgin olive oil
Patzaria 7.00
Beets and garlic spread
   Fries Oregano 6.00
  Spanaki 7.00
  Sautéed or steamed spinach  
  Loukoumades 7.50
  Crisp Greek donuts glazed with honey and walnuts  
Baklava 7.50
Layers of walnuts between filo topped with honey
Revani 8.00
  Semolina almond cake with orange zest  
Galaktoboureko 8.00
  Milk pudding with crisp filo  
Yiaourti Sakoulas 8.00
  Home strained yogurt with honey and walnuts  
Frouta Epohis 7.50
Fresh fruits